Business Reputation: How Not to Lose Everything

Business Reputation

Your business reputation is what makes or breaks your company. When your business has lots of bad reviews, your sales will naturally start to plummet. Likewise, lots of positive reviews will help your sales. Yet did you know that there might be people out there writing negative articles about your business?

Yes, that does happen, and it’s not just major companies getting bad press.

The other day I saw an article on a YouTube creator who got called a charlatan by a lowlife journalist who couldn’t even substantiate her claims. She just wanted more views. Needless to say, I let him know about the issue, and suggested he talk to a lawyer about litigation for libel.

Protect Your Business Reputation

Business Reputation

The first step to protecting your reputation is to see what’s out there on your business. Go ahead and do a Google search right now for your business name. (Hint: Surround it in double quotes to get all of the words in your name together in the search results. Ex. “Red Scale Corporation” will get the business name, versus without the quotes and you get articles on the color “red” and how to found a new corporation.)

What do you see? Your social media profiles? Job offerings? Maybe you see Trust Pilot with user sentiment? These all are important to your business reputation.


Check for any fraudulent profiles with your name on it, too. Fraudsters might try to phish your prospects by putting up a site that looks like yours, and letting you take the fall if you get sued. That gets expensive to locate the fraudster and sue them for everything they did, but it could be quite lucrative. Ask your lawyer how best to proceed with those.

Inconsistent Information

You also want to look for any websites out there with information that no longer matches your business. Maybe your address has changed, or your old deals are out there offering your services for 50% less than your current pricing. You need to go find those problems and take care of them to keep your business reputation nice and strong.

Free Business Reputation Audit

If you don’t have time to locate that information on your own, then we can locate it for you. Get a Free Reputation Audit and if you need help with the findings, we can discuss how we can help you with that, too.

Rick Mac Gillis has worked as a web developer since 2003. He has worked on projects for multi-billion dollar corporations, as well as mom and pop businesses, achieved 12 pages of 5 star reviews on Upwork, and has built and sold a previous business. He now runs Red Scale Corporation, and is once again experiencing tremendous growth. Now he seeks to pass the same knowledge to you, that he has used to grow.

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