Epic Local SEO: Your Brick and Mortar on Steroids

Local SEO

Your brick and mortar business needs to gain more foot traffic. Local SEO will help the local population locate your business online, and then your website inspires them to come in. Don’t worry, you can still make online sales if you’d like.

How do you improve your local SEO? Focus on what matters, such as Google My Business, consistent contact info and hours on all sites you use, and letting people know you’re local.

Walmart Local SEO

Local SEO Setup

First, do a search for your business name on Google. What comes up. Do you see a Google My Business display to the right showing you your business details? If not, create or claim your Google My Business. They’ll send you a postcard to confirm your business address and give you access to use that profile.

What else came up? Do you see anything with your address listed on it? Maybe there’s a review site and you can claim that profile and add your address so people can find you. (Ex. “Restaurants near me” or “Hardware store near me”) “Near me” searches let search engines locate local businesses near them. You want to optimize for that traffic.

Prepare for Growth

The longer you work on your local SEO, the more people who will come into your store. Start putting together a game plan to handle that growth. No, you won’t see explosive traffic overnight, but in a few months, you’ll see a marked improvement in foot traffic. Is your store optimized for this? What about your parking lot? These are important factors to consider in your plan.

You could also let people buy from you online if you’re not in a location conducive to lots of people walking into your store or parking there. This can improve your budget, and one day you can get a larger storefront with a larger parking lot.

Finding You Should Be Easy

Local SEO is all about improving the visibility of your local business. The easier people can find you, the more people walking into your store, and the more people buying from you.

We offer a Free Local SEO Audit to clue you in on how good your local SEO is, and how you can improve to get more sales. I recommend getting that so you can see what you need to improve.

Rick Mac Gillis has worked as a web developer since 2003. He has worked on projects for multi-billion dollar corporations, as well as mom and pop businesses, achieved 12 pages of 5 star reviews on Upwork, and has built and sold a previous business. He now runs Red Scale Corporation, and is once again experiencing tremendous growth. Now he seeks to pass the same knowledge to you, that he has used to grow.

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