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Our Free Email Health Audit can help you find out why your emails are going to the spam box.

What's included in the Free Email Health Audit?

Curious if your emails are landing in spam? Request a free audit to identify your email's health score, deliverability rate, and spam score below.
Free Email Health Audit
Check if your mail records are correct
Ensure you have DKIM, SPF, and DMARC records in place and valid
Check if your email domain is blacklisted
Check the "spamminess" score of your emails
Verify that newletters have an "unsubscribe" link
Offer improvement options
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Get peace of mind knowing your email is getting to the right place, and that you have a team on your side.

If your leads and clients aren't getting your emails, then your business has all but shut its doors. In today's world, email deliverability issues can destroy a business. Let's make sure you have the right information to take action and get your emails to the inbox where they belong.

We'll give you the information you need to ensure people see your email in their inbox.

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Free Email Health Audit

Find out why your emails are going to the spam box.
Improved Email Deliverability

Our audit report will show you what you need to do to fix your deliverability issues. Sometimes it's just adding some records to your DNS, and other times you just change the way you write, or add an unsubscribe link. Whatever the case, we're here to help you through it.

Increased Reliability

The audit report video will show you how to keep your email going to the inbox. Most of it is just a one time fix to get your email to be reliable for years to come.

Increased Sales

The more people who see your emails, the more people who will buy or become repeat shoppers. Your email is the gatekeeper, and that's where deals are born.