Social Media Marketing: How Can Each Company Benefit You?

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You know you’re in business, but do your prospects know you’re in business? That’s where Social Media Marketing can help your business to grow.

Social media companies, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and X, are able to send you traffic in a way that’s unique from traditional link backs. That’s not all they can do to benefit your business though. You get chat systems, and the ability to research companies and do prospecting. Heck, they even offer the opportunity to share your content, and more!

So, let’s look at the biggest social media platforms out there and how you can use social media marketing to grow your company like a champ.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is when you leverage social media to promote your products or services. It’s where you engage with prospects and customers, and analyze the results to improve your game.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Facebook’s ad system is far less expensive than Google Ads on average, and often gets far better results. Ultimately it’s the go to for most businesses looking to use paid ads for marketing. However, the social aspects of the platform are nothing to scoff at. They include boosting your posts, content generation, and leveraging Facebook Messenger to grow your business.

If you boost your follower count organically, you can create a highly-targeted audience to market to. (Don’t cheat with link exchanges or paid likes/follows, as this will give you a non-engaged, junk audience.) A highly targeted and engaged audience, shown your content (even without boosting) is going to drive sales without the need for paid ads. You just need to build that audience.

X / Twitter

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he changed it from a place for twits (woke, fake processes for the verification badge, etc.) into a place for free speech and productivity. (Pay $7 per month and get your verification badge and more.) Now you’re free to post most impactful videos on X, longer posts without pointlessly short character limits, images, and much more than Twitt ER ever could hope to be before! If your business needs a place for you to speak your mind, X is the only social media platform that supports the freedom of speech to such an extent.

The highest plan is $14 per month, and you can write elaborate articles instead of dealing with character restrictions. If you build your following on X, then those articles you’ve written can drive loads of traffic to your business website, and you can interact with prospects in the comments. X has its own population, and you’ll reach different people than you would on Facebook, LinkedIn, or anywhere else.


LinkedIn is an excellent place to do social media marketing. This platform is unique in that it TARGETS businesses as the demographic using it. It gives you tools to make sales, network with ease, write engaging articles, go prospecting, find new hire, and the list goes on.

The only drawback is that it’s an Micro$oft product now, and so with everything Micro$oft, it’s expensive. Still, $60 per month isn’t so bad if you use it all the time and you get the sales, so if months go by and you don’t know what you’re doing, that could be yet another liability. They do have a free trial at the time of writing, though.

LinkedIn is still my go to primary platform for business, and I have a free plan for the time being, and yet I’m getting leads for Red Scale Corporation through these articles. That’s the power of content writing. Write something of value for people, and they’ll want more. Give them more, like what I’m doing with this one.

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Rick Mac Gillis has worked as a web developer since 2003. He has worked on projects for multi-billion dollar corporations, as well as mom and pop businesses, achieved 12 pages of 5 star reviews on Upwork, and has built and sold a previous business. He now runs Red Scale Corporation, and is once again experiencing tremendous growth. Now he seeks to pass the same knowledge to you, that he has used to grow.

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